Open Letter to the AntiWhites and The Working Class

By Zechariah Murphy

White culture is working class families. Our family traditions and values have always been based off of the working class family. White culture never belonged to the so called ‘ruling class’. You hear the remnants of the old elites asking for our support. I want to tell them this one thing, they will never have our support for the simple reason they are the ones who poisoned the well. They betrayed us and then were betrayed by the new foreign elites. These AntiWhites brag about how they have totally replaced the elites with their own. They’re going to wish they had never attacked us. What these international slave traders and Elad Nehorai fail to realize is we, the working class Whites, made America. Not Hollywood or the degenerate art that only inspires the brainwashed and the ones who are going to wait in the bread line. We made it in spite of you and your forgettable art! You have never and will never have a paradise of slaves! You and your brethren will not conquer us.

The propagandist has come and told our children they are evil. They have robbed every one of us of our culture. They say we are not allowed to wear or display the symbols of our cultures because they are offensive. We Whites are offended! We invited them to eat with us, not as anything but friends! Yet they teach our children we are evil, and the root cause of all the problems in the world. These Propagandists are called as such not to demonize them, but to accurately describe them as what they are. Continually pushing lies on our children and not having one iota of proof. Even after a lifetime of indoctrination it doesn’t take much for us to break the brainwashing that was forced upon us. That is why you label anyone who stands against you with made up words such as anti-semite. You hide behind the genetic mask that was stolen from the rape victims of my people. The offspring of these poor victims are then raised in this foreign and fake Ideology called ‘white-privilege’. You send these non-whites and preach a fake promise of the land of milk and honey.

One of these non-whites is Tim Wise, he has continued to preach the message, to have world peace you must eradicate the White man. He is not White, but a racial jew who wrote a book called “White Like ME.” He had one task and he failed to do it. He failed to make America’s White youth hate themselves to promote White Genocide. He talks excessively about how we Whites have a leg up on everyone else. This used car lot salesman fails to mention the only reason why anybody knows who he is is because he was promoted and endorsed by the foreign elites that run this country. If he wasn’t Jewish he would be unheard of, begging for food from the Whites he hates so much. After reading his articles for almost a month now I have found nothing of his work that can be held up and withstand criticism. All his garbage is based on the fake social construct that Whites caused all the problems in the world even if they are not there. I have earned everything I have by hard work and lessons learned the hard way. Little Timmy has yet to have a real job. He has yet to do anything that will help anyone but himself. Oh yeah, I almost forgot he does promote marxism, so zionists can rule all those who worship money, greed, and love being slaves. I guess that is jewish privilege to continue to promote an ideology that is based simply on money being the bottom line, failing multiple times, and even murdering over 200 million people.

No more will we buy into the words of the so called intellectuals and the false prophets of ideologies that use empty words and promises. The day has come for us who set the tone of every generation, to take what is ours. We know what we want. We want our families to grow in world that belongs to them. We want to be able study and practice what our heart’s desire is. More so than us, we want our children to do as they please in life and not do a job that is beneath them. We know how much we have to work to make sure we can have more than just the bare essentials. We sacrifice for our families. Most of us have the ability to have become, create, or just do better, but we sacrifice for our families. I tell you this, there is more knowledge that lay within us than anywhere else. We are going to build the next Great White Civilization. When we’re done we will have a society that will finally allow us, the people, to be free and flourish.

Originally posted on Renegade Tribune

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