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Winter Offensive

47 New Revolution Web-Sites in One Month!

    Our Winter Offensive was launched on December 1, 2017. This was just one day after the Finnish government banned Nordfront. This timing sends a clear signal: We support our comrades in Finland!

   However, the Winter Offensive is not limited to any one country. This is a global offensive!

   47 new Revolution series web-sites in 29 languages went online in the first month of December 2017 alone!

Revolution Series Web-Sites

   Our Revolution Series web-sites are designed to be completely LEGAL in as many countries as possible for as long as possible.

   Nonetheless, our work remains “conspiratorial”.

   This prepares our co-workers for underground activity in the event that currently legal organizations in their own countries are outlawed in the future. (Note: We much prefer to remain completely legal in countries where this is at all possible. In countries where this is not possible, we work in the underground. “Illegal”, but non-violent!)

   Furthermore, our existence alone serves as a deterrent.

   In effect, we are telling those governments:

   If you outlaw the opposition, its activists will simply go underground and work with us. Successfully. As we have proven. Just ask the German political police (Verfassungsschmutz)!

   There is also an important legal factor!

   If an outlawed organization attempts to re-organize itself under a different name, some countries treat this as a crime in itself. For example, in Germany this means a possible five year prison sentence. Therefore, activists often work as small, independent, informal, “autonomous” groups. We supply these “autonomous groups” or “cells” or “lone wolves” with the “propaganda weapons” and provide an important contact point, because we are based in the USA, where our activity is completely legal.

Our Strategic Concept

   Our strategic concept combines two key components: online activism and real world activism!

   Basically, we provide activists around the world with professional web-sites and literature. They are designed to supplement and reinforce each other and thereby increase effectiveness.

   European web-sites are based on the model. American web-sites are based on the model.

   Each web-site targets a specific geographic area. This geographic area may be a country or a region within that country such as a  province or U.S. state.

   Each web-site has its own specific web-site address or “url”.

   Each url has at least two or three components in addition to the “.com” ending. (For example: indicates that this is a Revolution Series web-site of the “usa” class for the state of Nebraska.)

   This “pairing” of a specific web-site and literature with that web-site’s unique url helps both recruitment and media impact.

   Important: We do not “compete” with other organizations. We supplement and help them. Sometimes we work with them. Other times we work separately or “parallel” to them. We seek allies and co-workers. Not “subordinates”. Our Revolution Series web-sites are likewise designed to supplementnot replace (!) – other web-sites. Their purpose is recruitment and mobilization. Not education or entertainment. Other web-sites serve those purposes.

Online Activism:

47 Revolution Series Web-Sites

   Our arsenal of web-sites is rapidly expanding.

   So far [December 25, 2017 – 16:00 U.S. central time] 47 Revolution Series web-sites in 29 languages have been created. (All but three of them were created after December 1st.)

   Over 100 web-site domain names have been registered for this project so far.

   Content/text has been translated into over 40 languages.

   Below is a list of the country and U.S. state web-sites that are already online.


USA. Activated August 22, 2017

United Kingdom. Activated December 3, 2017 aka

Finland. Activated December 7, 2017 aka

Germany. Activated December 8, 2017 aka

Denmark. Activated December 8, 2017 aka

Spain. Activated December 10, 2017 aka

Brazil. Activated December 10, 2017 aka

Norway. Activated December 10, 2017 aka

Sweden. Activated December 10, 2017 aka

The Netherlands. Activated December 10, 2017 aka

France. Activated December 10, 2017 aka

Italy. Activated December 10, 2017 aka

Estonia. Activated December 11, 2017

Russia. Activated December 15, 2017

Iceland. Activated December 16, 2017

Latvia. Activated December 16, 2017

Hungary. Activated December 16, 2017

Argentina. Activated December 16, 2017

Ukraine. Activated December 17, 2017

Lithuania. Activated December 17, 2017

Portugal. Activated December 17, 2017

Switzerland. Activated December 17, 2017

Austria. Activated December 17, 2017

Columbia. Activated December 17, 2017

Australia. Activated December 17, 2017

Canada. Activated December 17, 2017

New Zealand. Activated December 17, 2017

Ireland. Activated December 17, 2017

Luxembourg. Activated December 17, 2017

Liechtenstein. Activated December 19, 2017

Mexico. Activated December 19, 2017

Croatia. Activated December 20, 2017

Serbia. Activated December 21, 2017

South Africa. Activated December 21,2017

Japan. Activated December 21,2017

Poland. Activated December 21,2017

Czech Republic. Activated December 22, 2017

Slovenia. Activated December 22, 2017

Albania. Activated December 22, 2017

Belarus. Activated December 22, 2017

Bulgaria. Activated December 22, 2017

Ireland. Activated December 22, 2017

Chile. Activated December 25, 2017

U.S. States:

Nebraska. Activated August 23, 2017

Iowa. Activated August 25, 2017

South Dakota. Activated December 21, 2017

Kansas. Activated December 21, 2017

Other Recently Activated Web-Sites:

Activated November 17, 2017

Activated December 9, 2017

Activated December 19, 2017

December 21, 2017

Real World Activism:

Literature Distributions

   The first IT’S OKAY TO BE WHITE business cards were handed over to multiple activist teams at a meeting in Lincoln on December 1, 2017 at 14:00. There were two versions: for Nebraska and for Iowa.

   By 16:00 that same day one team had already distributed these business cards in five cities (Lincoln, Roca, Crete, Wilbur, and Beatrice) in three countries (Lancaster, Saline, and Gage). By 16:30 their initial report and photos had already been sent to the project coordinator in Lincoln. And they were celebrating with their favorite beer in one of their favorite restaurants.

   On December 2nd twenty activists distributed 400 business cards in Des Moines, Iowa. Locations included the state capitol, Holohoax museum, and stores.

  Here are excerpts from reports written by the participants.

Wilbur, Nebraska

   When we stopped in a small grocery store in Wilbur, Nebraska, my partner placed the card on the store bulletin board while I snapped a picture. Placing anything on a small town bulletin board is enough to get attention, more so being seen snapping a picture. It is an “event” in itself. The checker and a paying customer looked curiously up at us as we finished and quickly exited the nearby doors.

   Our leaving must have created a vacuum in the place. By the time we were in the car, pulling away, at least four young people – I saw three and a shoulder through the glass doors – had gathered close to the bulletin board and they all wore broad smiles, looking up at the bulletin board. One girl had a look of pleasant surprise and laughed as she craned her neck to look through the glass doors to see if she could catch a glimpse of us leaving.

   My partner had me stop, while he jogged back into the store to regale them. He offered more cards to them, if they liked, and the teens declined and said they were fine, so he waved goodbye, and we continued on to our next drop location.

Des Moines, Iowa

   The day after receiving IT’S OKAY TO BE WHITE cards for Iowa and Nebraska, a multi-organizational meet-up was held in Des Moines, Iowa. On the way, cards were placed in gas stations and rest stops along the route.

   Once in Des Moines, since none of the other organizations had printed literature, approximately 400 Iowa cards were handed out and distributed. These were placed inside the capitol building, at the Holocaust Memorial just outside of the capitol building, at the Cristkindlmarket, and in the surrounding area.

   That evening, one activist was accosted in the market area, but his insults were simply reciprocated with smiles and waves.

* * * * *

   This offensive is putting a heavy load on both our human and financial resources. Please donate work and/or money.

   More activists are needed to distribute printed matter. YOU can participate, too.

   Join the fight!

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